Hello,my name is Eric Moncrief and I am The Green Guy! I have worked in the IT industry over 20 years starting at IBM.Since 2007 I have been CEO/President of Nvirotech Recycling LLC, a electronics recycling company based in Atlanta,GA we work with large and small companies in metro Atlanta and cities throughout the Southeast,helping them dispose properly of  their"e-waste". 

At Nvirotech  Recycling,our priority has always been to be environmentally conscious with sustainability being at the center and to collaborate with our clients and business partners to do the same,so March 4,2014 the radio talk show was born.
The Talk with Green Guy Show airs each and every Tuesday night 7-8 pm EST on the Survival Radio Network.

The radio show is designed to educate,inspire and motivate people to "Think and Live Green".We have discussions with industry leaders, government officials,experts,product manufacturers and the general public on environmental issues,emerging technologies,money saving tips,ideas and solutions for your home,business and family so we all can do our part in leading to living a sustainable and "green" lifestyle.

To be a guest on the show or submit a topic of interest to discuss contact me @ talkwithgreenguy@gmail.com or call 404 293 8569.

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